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From a personal set of images I made.

When annoying stuff of the web becomes fun:



Bad Blood by Dennis Madamba

check me and out a artist that go by the name ”gotti arco” did a new video called ”myself” its a song about depending on yourself before anyone else ..stay true and believe in you cause at the end you the one that has your back the most

bayarea stand up Oakland in the building!!!! 

These bizarre yet adorable characters were developed by Alopra Studio, a creative studio from south Brazil specialized in creative solutions such as animations, illustrations, stop motions and any other forms of creation. They were made with 3D illustrations in order to portray the most unique aspects of the professional roles each of them represents, and as a result we got these completely unique and singular individuals that stand out amongst the crowd.  To see more of this work:

Music against Loneliness

We work on the poster design, based on the music feelings.
We are passionate the effects of landscapes and impact of elements and typography compositions.

To download:

Mirco Zett - Brazil

Mirco Zett - Ivory Coast

Mirco Zett - England

Mirco Zett - Japan

There are those who loves it, those who hates, but undoubtedly it represents a great source of inspiration for many photographers. Here are some beautiful shots, some with a romantic flavour, others more melancholy, other ones almost poetic.

The artist Charis Tsevis uses multicolored cables to create amazingly detailed portraits of people and animals.

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